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Home use fiber laser cutting machine
Power : 500w/1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w
Working Area : 1300*900mm (optional) 


 OR-S laser cutting machine is specially designed for small size work; Full protection design, sealing working space; Full time cutting, high efficiency cutting, high quality cutting, high scalability.

 Stable bed, drawer type table, stroke protection, providing customers with better using experience.

Work area can be customized, laser power is optional. Compact machine installation, small space requirement. Equipped with 500w, 3000w laser. Suitable for cutting materials of different thickness. 

Technical Parameters
Working Area
Laser Output Power
Size(length * widht * height)
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy
Accuracy of Positioning
Max Acceleration
OR-S 1390             OR-S1510
1300*900mm      1500*1000mm
The above data are provided for reference only.
Mini body, huge energy

Home use fiber laser cutting machine is specially designed for small-sized work;
full protection design, sealed working space;
full-time, high-efficiency,
high-quality cutting, and strong extensibility

Perfect, not only in appearance
Stable machine body, drawer type countertop,
travel protection, providing customers with better using experience

High quality aviation aluminum, more accurate, more efficient.

Aerospace aluminum is manufactured using the aerospace standard
and finely ground after solid solution.
Lightweight and strong. Improved processing efficiency and processing quality.


Custom services, more suitable

The laser power can be selected in a customizable work area.
Compact machine installation, small space needed.
With 500w, 1000w, 2000w, 3000w laser optional.
Could meet the different cutting materials and cutting thickness.


  •  Price & quality
OREE has professional installation tools, organizes regular assembly personnel training, and puts great effort to continuously improve the assembly capabilities of software and hardware. We strictly control supplier inventory, and use the best
accessories and the most reasonable assembly process, so as to achieve the most efficient assembly efficiency. By reducing producing costs and providing high-quality, low-cost  laser cutting machine, we ensure that our customers can get the best cost-effective products. 
  • Warranty & service
Our company will provide 36 months warranty and installation  guidance services, equipment testing and operation training services, maintenance services, equipment parts replacement services, problems and other requirements customers need, and provide customers with new product information services developed by the company from time to time.
  •  Delivery   
  • With the strict control of delivery, the standard machine will be produced in  7-10 days generally, and delivered in 15 days (except customized products).
  • Package
    Laser equipment will  be provided with several protective measures during packaging with pearl wool, moisture-proof cloth, export wooden boxes, so as to ensure that each component is protected against collision and other damages.
  •  Transport
    We are committed to providing global users with comprehensive laser application solutions and supporting delivery by sea, air, land and various customs clearance services.
  • OEM & Customized
    OEM can be customized. Lighting up this world with green is the dream of Oree, and we are here looking forward to long-term cooperation with you.
  • Capacity
    The standardization process and production process make OREE LASER e an annual output of fiber cutting matching up to 1000 sets, CO2 laser cutting machine up to 3000 sets, marking machine up to 2000 sets.
  • Process of production.
    The higher precision of the machine makes the finished products more perfect and accurate. The gear of international high-end brand has no abnormal wear, greatly prolonging the service life of machine tool. The laser collimator can directly display the error of the machine installation and check the abnormal wear degree of gear meshing. High precision marble measurement is more suitable for improving the precision of three-axis mechanical installation.
  • Technical design
    According to the design requirements, the mechanical properties of the theory are calculated, and the main components of the finite element stress and motion analysis are formed. According to the finite element analysis, the parameter design of the parts can verify the operation performance of the machine for a long time from the design stage, so as to meet the requirements of the machine tool performance in theory design.
  • QC
    The QC system works in the whole production process. Oree laser will strictly control the quality of each part of the machine and remove all parts below standard.

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