Application of laser cutting machine in various industries

by oreelaser

In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology, the laser cutting machine has emerged in the field of metal processing due to its high efficiency, high precision, intelligence and easy operation. It accelerates the transformation and upgrade of the traditional cutting processes and provides news methods for metal processing production. The laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications and has become a more widely used metal processing method. So what kind of industries can using laser cutting machine? Let’s take a look!

1.  Automotive sheet metal. The traditional sheet metal processing procedures are complex, and the cutting accuracy is low, the speed is slow, and the quality is uneven. The laser cutting machine has a high degree of flexibility, cutting sheet metal accurately and quickly, with good quality, and no tool wear, which improves the utilization of materials and realizes efficient processing. 

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2.  Chassis cabinet. Including network cabinets, power cabinets, distribution boxes, etc. Thetraditional flatbed cutting efficiency is low, and the cutting precision is difficult to guarantee.However , the laser cutting machine cant take standardized processing for thin metal sheet, with efficient cutting and short production circle, it can improve the cutting speed and effectively saving the cost of labor and time.

3.  Agricultural machinery. The traditional manufacture technique of sheet metal parts are complicated and the production efficiency is low. While the laser cutting machine is deeply loved by users with a series of characteristics such as high precision, high efficiency and precise cutting. The use of laser cutting machine can greatly save mold costs, flexible production, can adapt to various of plates and graphics; high cutting precision, fully meet the high- quality production requirements of agricultural machinery, maximize the utilization rate of plates, and save production costs, time-saving and efficient.    

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4.  Advertising industry. It mainly includes metal characters, door heads, various display racks, signs and other products. The laser cutting machine has flexible cutting, fast speed, and fine finished products, without the need for secondary grinding. It can perfectly adapt to custom-made fonts of various shapes, with short production cycle, which makes it easier to win the favor of customers and consumers.

5.  Fitness equipment. With the development and popularization of sports concept, the demand of community fitness facilities and gym equipment have gradually increased. To cope with the metal cutting of a large number of tubes and pipes, the using of fiber laser cutting machine has greatly improved the production efficiency, so we can easily meet the order needs. 

6.  Kitchenware. With people’s living standards improved, more and more people are pursuing exquisite and high-quality kitchenware. The traditional cutting method is single, slow cutting speed and low-quality production. While the laser cutting machine can realize batch cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metals, with fast speed, good quality, high output, and customized production according to user needs.

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In addition to the laser cutting machine in the above fields, it has also widely applied in construction machinery, shipbuilding industry, green facilities, aerospace, building industry, hardware production and other industries. The laser cutting machine has its own precision and flexibility that traditional processing methods cannot compared, it takes no-contact processing method, easy to realize perfect cutting without opening the mold, lower the production cost and improve product quality. Laser cutting machine can also customized individualization cutting according to customers requirement, perfectly complying with manufacture needs, which makes production twice the result with the half effort.

At present, Oree laser has five categories: Flatbed fiber laser cutting machine, Tube fiber laser cutting machine, Sheet&Tube dual-use fiber laser cutting machine, 3D fiber laser cutting machine and Hand-held welding machine. It has varieties of  models, format, power, configuration to choose from, which can satisfies different production needs of users. Oree laser has always  been  devoted to providing industry-leading intelligent laser service solutions to global customers, always taking”value creation, quality and efficiency”as the core values of the company, ten years of precision, focusing on the laser industry, and only providing customers with better service. 

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