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Five-Year Quality Assurance, Quality Upgrade

The core components such as control system, laser source, laser head, etc., are deeply compatible and perfectly matched, resulting in more stable and outstanding performance.

Process Control, Unified Standards

Establish standardized processes for design, production, review, and delivery to ensure quality assurance.

Standardized Design

Breaking through technical barriers between core components, deep optimization, compatibility, and adaptation, standardizing from the design source.

Standardized Production

Create standardized production processes to improve product yield, ensuring the quality stability between production batches of Oree's core components.

Standardized Audit

Strict adherence to ISO9001 product quality management standards to ensure that each product component meets technical requirements.

Standardized Delivery

Strict execution of product delivery, training, and after-sales service standards to create an integrated standard delivery process.

Ultimate Quality Control, Buy with Confidence

Quality purchasing, Extremely convenient, Time-saving, and Efficient

Perfect Compatibility

Low Failure Rate

Integrated Design

Simple Operation

Ultimate Service, Worry-free After-sales

Ultimate service, more Timely, Attentive, and Professional

Quick Response 0.5H

30 minutes Rapid response to emergency

Ensuring problems are resolved promptly

1 on 1 Customer Service 7*24

Round-the-clock service

Dedicated one-on-one customer service

Technical Support 120+

Senior Technical Engineers

Providing comprehensive technical support