Semi-enclosed visual protective cover
It realizes the clever separation of the feeding area, the unloading area, and the pipe cutting area, reducing the mutual interference of different areas, and the production environment is safe and stable.
Innovative three-chuck design, stable clamping & stable cutting
OR-TS adopts a three-chuck design, which can maintain the front, middle, and rear three-point clamping support of the pipe in real-time and can correct the pipe bending problem.
Real zero Tailing, super saving tailings
Diameter of round tube: φ15mm-φ220mm; Side length of square tube: 15*15mm-150*150mm; The maximum feeding weight of single pipe is 300kg and the maximum feeding length of single pipe is 6000mm; Support square tube, round tube, oval tube, flat tube, triangle tube, I-beam, and other materials cutting.
FSCUT5000 Three-Chuck Tube Cutting System, intelligent control
OR-TS series adopts FSCUT5000 which is an EtherCAT bus system specially designed for fiber laser tube cutting machine.
3D tube nesting software TubesT, meet your production needs
TubesT is a 3D tube nesting software for the TS series. From parts drawing and modification, full type compensation, strategic nesting to report generation, using TubesT will meet and exceed your production needs.
Double-sided follow-up support device
The double-sided lifting support can reduce the processing error of the pipe due to the follow-up machinery, ensure the uniform force of the pipe as a whole, and improve the cutting accuracy. The chuck and the supporting device are highly synchronized, and the material is loaded in real time to prevent the problem of reduced cutting accuracy due to the distortion of the pipe.
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