Side hung plug-in welded bed
Side mounted welded bed, triangular structure, higher bed stability, the center of the chuck is located on the outside of the main body of the bed, more convenient and reliable loading.
  • Ultra short tailstock cutting

    Movable front chuck for stable clamping and high clamping force automatic positioning of the center of the tube, to achieve ≤ 50mm ultra-short cutting tail material, with more material savings.
Wide range of pipe cutting diameters
Support cutting round pipe with diameter of φ15mm-φ160mm, square pipe with diagonal less than 160mm and shaped pipe.
Automatic loading system
Equipped with semi-automatic loading system, it supports a wide range of tube types for loading, just place multiple tubes on the conveyor belt to achieve automatic loading.
Intelligent Pipe Cutting System
Intelligent 3D professional pipe cutting system for precise pipe processing, faster pipe cutting speed and more reliable cutting quality. Support high precision and high efficiency cutting of square, round, runway and oval shaped stretch tubes as well as angles and channels.
Cutting Samples
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