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Labor saving, practical and efficient

Effectively solve the time and labor losses caused by manual loading or loading by cranes and forklifts; Greatly improve production efficiency and reduce employee work.

Supports various pipeline types

It not only supports the automatic feeding of standard tubes such as round tubes, square tubes, and rectangular tubes; At the same time, it can achieve automatic feeding of angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, I-beam, and other profiles.

Modular structure

Easy to disassemble and assemble, rapid production and modular expansion at any time; High feed speed, achieving a perfect connection with the laser cutting machine.

Technical Specifications
Model OR-S
Adapted model TL6016/TL6020/TG6020/TG6035/TA6020/TA6035
Length of feeding pipe 5800~6400mm
Maximum weight of single tube 200kg 30kg/m
Overall dimensions 5500*2200*1050mm
Equipment power 4KW
Processing capacity
Working metal Building steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass
Pipe section size
Pipe section size Circular tube Φ 20 - Φ 220mm, square tube □ 20 - □ 150mm, circumscribed circle diameter ≤ 220mm
Cut Sample
Industrial Applications
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