European environmental standards

The concept of cleanliness and environmental protection is reflected in every detail of equipment research and development

  • Pull-out loading console

    The pull-type feeding structure is convenient for operation and processing and saves manpower.

  • Intelligent Cutting System

    Intelligent cutting system, multiple process assistance, enhance the quality and efficiency of sheet metal cutting.

  • Automatic Vertical Lift Door

    One-button automatic vertical lift door opening method, Safe and efficient, saving manpower, simple and convenient operation.

Practical and compact, easy to transport

This small machine can be put into a 20HQ container to protect the fuselage from damage during transportation, reduce transportation costs, and facilitate loading and unloading.

Technical Specifications
Mode OR-S1530
Processing area 1000w~6000w
Positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Maximum cutting speed
Maximum cutting speed 80m/min
Maximum acceleration
Maximum acceleration 0.8G
Cut Sample
Industrial Applications
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