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  • Brand New Double-beam Bed Structure

    Adopting a horizontal bed structure
    Self-developed Stopper Plug-in Double-beam Design
    With a low center of gravity and high load-bearing capacity, ensuring stable cutting of heavy pipes

  • Mastering all Types of Pipes

    Wide cutting application range, adaptable to various cutting conditions
    Can be used for cutting or cutting complex shapes for various types of pipes

  • Moveable Gantry Structure

    Designed with an ultra-long mobile gantry structure
    Can meet the cutting needs of long workpieces
    Maximum processing pipe length can reach 12m

  • Equipped with Follow-up Support Device

    Equipped with a follow-up material support
    Real-time adjustment of lifting height
    Prevents the pipe from swinging and sagging
    Ensuring cutting accuracy

Follow-up Unloading, Safe and Convenient

Equipped with a follow-up unloading device
Safer and more convenient unloading
Greatly improves production efficiency

Technical Specifications
Model OR-TR12060 OR-TR6060 OR-TR12035
Power 3000w-12000w 3000w-12000w
Effective Round Tube Cutting Diameter Φ20-Φ590mm Φ20-Φ590mm Φ20-Φ350mm
Effective Square Tube Cutting Diameter □20-400mm □20-400mm □20-350mm
Maximum chuck speed 30r/min 30r/min 80r/min
Maximum cutting length 12300mm 6300mm 12300mm
Processing capacity
Working metal Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass
Maximum Acceleration
Maximum Acceleration 0.5G|0.5G|0.8G
Cut Sample
Industrial Applications
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