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  • High-speed Cutting, Ultimate Processing

    The chuck adopts a pneumatic direct push structure
    Automatic centering, stable clamping, high transmission efficiency
    Easy to disassemble and maintain, greatly improving processing efficiency

  • All kinds of Pipes are Within Reach

    Wide cutting application range, suitable for various cutting conditions
    Can be used to cut or cut complex shapes for various types of pipes

  • Industry-first front-moving chuck design

    Movable front chuck design
    Allows the cutting head to stay between the two chucks
    Effectively cutting longer pipes
    Cutting accuracy and stability are guaranteed

  • Intelligent Feeding System

    Equipped with an automatic feeding system
    High processing efficiency and high intelligence
    Greatly improve production efficiency and save labor costs

  • Ultra-short Tailings

    While improving cutting efficiency
    Make the most of the raw materials and reduce production costs

Technical Specifications
Model OR-TH6020 OR-TH6016
Laser power 1000w~3000w 1000w~3000w
Effective cutting diameter of round tube Φ10-Φ225mm Φ10-Φ160mm
Effective cutting diameter of square tube □10-□225mm □10-□160mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.01mm ±0.01mm
Chuck maximum speed 120r/min 120r/min
Processing capacity
Working metal Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass
Maximum acceleration
Maximum acceleration 1.5G
Cut Sample
Industrial Applications
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